Not everyone waiting will be let in

Reading: Matthew 25:1-12

We all know the story of the kingdom of heaven likened to the waiting virgins for the bridegroom to arrive.  The bridegroom took a long time in coming, they became drowsy, and when he did finally come, not everyone was ready.  At the last moment some of them were scrambling for oil to feed their lamps, but the party wouldn’t wait for them, and the door to the wedding banquet was shut.  When they were asking to be let in, the bridegroom said that he didn’t even know them.

Lord, I know that you do not tarry, and much as I desire that you now come to take us to glory, in your grace you are giving us this time to prepare.  May we make use of this time, Lord and not waste it.  May this time only ever confirm that we belong to your flock, that you know each of us by name, and when the hour comes we will be there—ready to meet you in the air.  Come, Lord Jesus!


By Sridhar Rao – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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