Have mercy on me!

Reading: Matthew 20:29-34

In this life I have seen “faith” in many shades, and I would not want to claim I have the pure one (yet) but that is what we are all striving for. I love being with people who have amazing faith, who openly express their belief that things will be done in accordance with God’s character and promises–I wish I could be like them! And I feel sad when there are people who are quick to point out (sometimes from the Scriptures) that things may not happen as we expect, as there were those who did not get healed, etc., etc. (I knowww, but I still believe that these things can be expressed in a different spirit). And there’s the kind as well whose “faith” borders on the superstitious, wearing it like a talisman (“Illness will not alight on me because I have already cast it out in the name of Jesus!”, “I have made a pact with God that my manner of death will not be through an accident!”–and it have proved otherwise).

Lord, help me to be like the two blind men who just simply said–“Lord, Son of David, have mercy on us!” Help me to remember that you are God, that you are sovereign; that you are Lord, and that you are not at my beck and call. You are God, you are powerful, you are sovereign, you are compassionate, and I have a part in your grand plan–that is enough for me to know. Thank you, because that is enough to just pour out my heart to you.


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