Get cleaning!


Reading: Matthew 10:1-8

“As you go, preach this message: ‘The kingdom of heaven is near.’” – Matthew 10:7

The kingdom of heaven has started. And the King is coming soon! We need to be advancing His kingdom now! Do we feel the pressure? Or are we so relaxed or so busy planning our career and retirement goals and holidays?

Let us join together in cleaning and straightening up His house before He arrives. The instruction is clear:

“Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons.” – Matthew 10:8

Do we have doubts? Do we feel intimidated? We need not be! If we are His disciples, we have already been granted authority to carry out the instructions above (Matthew 10:1). And the Lord expects that we do carry out His instructions (Matthew 10:8).*

If there is anybody sick in the family, among our friends, or strangers who are willing to be prayed over—let us lay our hands on them. And what would keep us from raising the dead as well? Is there anyone suffering from an oppressive spirit?—then let us cast it out in the mighty name of Jesus!

When Jesus returns, let’s be found good and faithful servants. Let’s get cleaning now!

(*Note: A couple of years ago, I completed the Alpha Course. There was something that Nicky Gumbel said that really stuck in my mind. He said that whether the sick he prays for gets well or not, he will still continue to heal and pray for people. Why? Because that is the Lord’s command.)

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2 thoughts on “Get cleaning!

    • Same here, Sue. I can only say how awesome and merciful our Lord is–to bring us to this knowledge of Him (He still is never late!)!

      Interestingly, I have just finished reading Hebrews 8 in my daily devotion. I would say vv. 8-12 are an affirmation–we are probably just going through the new covenant process wherein the Lord is putting his laws in our minds and writing them in our hearts.

      Bless you! 😊♥

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