Lord of all (more thoughts)

windy day_munyingnying@earthlytraveler

Reading: Matthew 8:23-27

I could imagine myself like Jesus’ early disciples. It took them some time knowing, figuring out and finally realising who their Master really was. In fact, even after Christ’s resurrection, the Lord was still explaining the fulfilment of Scriptures in Jesus to the two disciples on their way to Emmaus.

They were scaredy-cats. I can’t help laughing when I remember how they were depicted in the Bible comics that I read as a child–their fear of storms, of ghosts, and their chickening out at Gethsemane. But I’m sure they were dead serious at the time, and should the same thing happen to me, I probably would be acting the same if not for the mercy of my Saviour!

But after Jesus ascended to heaven, the Holy Spirit filled the early apostles with power and with might. A lot of them died as martyrs–but the Christian faith spread throughout the world.

Lord Jesus, fill me with your Spirit. Father, may I be the child you want me to be—mold me into your character and likeness.


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