Lord of all

The Sovereign_munyingnying@earthlytraveler

Reading: Matthew 8:23-27

“The men were amazed and asked, ‘What kind of man is this? Even the winds and the waves obey him!’” (v.27)

I love that feeling of amazement—of how big the GOD we serve is. He cleanses away my sins, and he made stars and planets and comets and asteroids—the universe and beyond! He made me and the little ant, each molecule, cell and atom in our bodies. By his word he made the laws of nature, and should he wish, he could make them stop their natural course—in fact, we could do it too, he enabled that in us, but only it is powered by faith.

“’… You of little faith, why are you so afraid?’ Then he got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm” (v.26).


3 thoughts on “Lord of all

  1. Amen, Amen and AMEN! I have a tiny understanding of what you’re sharing and cannot thank Him enough for allowing me to experience this:

    Once long ago – before I became a believer – He gave me a vision where He took me into outer space and showed me a small portion of His creation. The closest star was so far away that I could barely see a tiny dot of light. Just the little bit He showed me was immense beyond imagination, and from my perspective, it was so dark and cold and LONELY. I knew in my heart that this utter loneliness was my fate without Him.

    Then in the far, far distance, I saw His Arms encircling His Creation, and I realized that all that ’emptiness’ was actually throbbing with LIFE. I sensed an intense wave of what I knew was His LOVE for His Creation – but a Love that was so pure and focused, completely UNLIKE human love.

    His arms continued to embrace His Creation, drawing nearer and nearer to me, but the whole time all I could think was, “I am corrupted by sin – I am shut out of this Love that He lavishes on the rest of His Creation. I will be alone forever!” I have never felt anything so devastating as that awareness of being unfit for His Presence.

    Just as my despair reached its height, I realized that His arms had come to encircle ME! Without words, He let me know that if I wanted to belong to Him, He was willing!! What mercy!! What Grace!!! Needless to say, that day I surrendered my life to Him and acknowledged His right to rule in my life! Within the year He taught me about Y’shua and His Work on the Cross. From the day of that vision, He has been my King, my Father, my Judge, my Best Friend, my LIFE. I praise and thank Him!!!!

    I am less than a mote of dust in His Creation, yet He has literally died for me. Can there be anything more wonderful??? Thank you so much for reminding me of that! It is too easy to take this wondrous gift for granted! (P.S. – I wish I had your gift for say much with few words. I suffer from the opposite. ❤ )


    • Thanks for sharing your experience, Sue. It’s beautiful. He is a personal God, He calls us all by name.

      Don’t worry about your “long” comments. It’s like we’re having a Bible study—online.😊 I am sure that those who get to visit my blog will be blessed when they read your testimony and the other thoughts you’ve shared.

      (I’m afraid if we get to meet we’ll be chatting all day!😄 But if we don’t get to meet in this life we’ll see each other in the Millennium ‘til the new earth—we’ll have plenty of time to talk about how good and great and awesome and wonderful the Lord is!😊♥)


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