Our daily bread


Reading: Matthew 6:11

“Give us today our daily bread.”

Not our weekly bread, or monthly bread, or yearly bread—but our daily bread. Lest the next time we call on Him is next week, or month, or year. Lest we begin to draw our security from the contents in our cupboard. The Lord wants us to trust him every day.


I am reminded of the Israelites in the desert, when manna first came down from heaven. They were instructed to gather just enough for the day. When others tried to save some for the morrow, the manna has gone off the next day.

Trusting God for our daily nutritional provisions is quite difficult to comprehend for those with secure jobs and who get their monthly pay cheques, and do their weekly or monthly shopping. For some reason, I miss those times when I get to visit farming villages in societies with subsistence economies. People wake up in the morning, and it’s only then when they start “looking for what to eat”—-some vegetables from the backyard, perhaps a hen has laid an egg that morning, a fish from the pond, maybe the neighbour has some rice or dried fish or sugar to spare or to lend. Simple and peaceful, I should say. Even in the city, the lowly scavenger finds something to eat. (Note, however, that inequity was not in God’s original plan, nor it is His current will. We live in a world suffering the consequences of the Fall.)

But this is not all about food, but trusting God every day. In our work and studies, in our relationships, our health, in all our affairs. Trusting His presence, in His very existence, his love, grace, care and concern.




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